A Series of Unfortunate Events

Friday 25 June 2010

Well, we had a house...

The house we had was being built by an investor who doesn't currently live in Gabon.  He and his wife were building the house as an investment and they had a contractor taking care of all of the details.  About a month ago, the investor passed away.  This didn't affect our deal as the wife was taking care of things through the contractor and things were still on.

Unfortunately, a few days ago the contractor also passed away.  This is problematic in a couple of ways.  First of all, no one knows how to get a hold of the investor's wife.  Second, the house won't be finished anytime soon without the contractor.

We haven't been told that the deal is definitely done although it sure isn't looking good!  So I guess we may have to uncheck the 'find a house' box on the list and start all over.


  1. These international stints are just never easy. Will cross my fingers this house works out, if not something else will come alone.....

  2. Are yoy going to have to pitch a tent??????


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