French Kissing

Thursday 13 January 2011

The French kiss a lot... like you see in the movies, 2 kisses, one on each cheek.  They take this very seriously.  It doesn't matter if there are 20 people at a table, a new person enters and circles the table doing the cheek kiss to every single person at the table.  Women to women, women to men, men to women, kids and adults and occasionally men to men (although I'm told that is reserved for close friends and not acquaintances.)  It all seems a little ridiculous and time consuming, but it's what they do.

I have become accustomed to this as each time I get together with the ladies, one must kiss everyone.  So I've had some practise.  Joe on the other hand still struggles.  He finds it uncomfortable and awkward and it rarely goes smoothly.  I wish I could describe the look on his face when someone makes 'the approach' as it almost makes me laugh aloud every time.  The other day we ran into Joe's boss and his family at the beach and of course, kisses all around.  The boss' wife came to greet us and when she approached Joe he hesitated and never actually cheek-touched.  This resulted in in confusion and a small awkward moment following the act.  As we continued our walk down the beach, Joe asked if we could maybe practice at home sometime so that he could at least get a grasp on the act.

From what I gather out of my own personal experiences here is that one must follow a certain etiquette when doing the French kisses.  First of all, it does not matter if you have never previously met the person.  If you are being introduced on a social level, you will be required to kiss; There is no 3rd date rule here.  It seems customary that the men greet the women first and then acknowledge each other.  It technically isn't actually a kiss as your lips don't really touch the persons cheek.  It is more of a cheek touch while making a kiss noise.  And, the most important thing to always remember, go to the left first or at the very least, follow the other person's lead and NEVER change your mind part way through as this can result in a very awkward moment!

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  1. Love this!!!!!It's good for Joseph.You are going to have to practise Joe ,so you can give us a demo on the art of French kissing.We are getting buried in snow again.It's still coming down. Your Dad cleaned my car off last week. I'll see if I can get Maurice to do it .Have an appointment tomorrow so need the car. --18C this AM.I know there is at least 6 inches(15cm) on the car.Just had a long letter from Kate in Australia.I have been following their flood problems.must go. company. love,Gram


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