Sunday 6 February 2011

The Port Gentil Gold Club - The First Tee

There isn't a lot to do in Port Gentil but there is a golf course and some of the expat men have started their own league Sunday mornings.  Joe and I joined them today.

The Club House

There are 18 holes, a driving range and even a clubhouse but remember, we are still in Africa.  (This is no 'Quesnel Golf Club.')  A round will set you back 25 000 cfa (about $50) and while there are no carts, you can hire a caddy for 5000 cfa ($10.)  They can be useful for many things other than golf tips like pointing out dangerous bugs and even keeping an extra eye out for snakes.  The green mamba is often seen on the course ,especially in the rough, and it is highly poisonous.

The Caddies

The ground here is mainly sand so it's not surprising that the fairway occasionally looks like this

A Sandy Fairway

Because of the sand, it can be quite difficult to grow good grass so the 'greens' aren't very green.  I like to call them the 'blacks.'  (May or may not be politically correct given the area we live in.)

The 'Greens'

It's actually sand with a bit of oil mixed in.  On the positive side, you don't need any fancy equipment for upkeep!

The 'Green' Keeper


  1. Jay and Joe; It wasn't that long ago that sand greens were quite common on most of the small town courses in Alberta. Congrats on joining the club.
    Dad reid

  2. Hi; This reminds me of Quartsite, Arizona. Yours is better. You do have some green grass. Another4 or 5 inches of snow today.everything sparkling clean and white. Love,~Gram~

  3. Mmmm....the golf course in my home town still has sand "greens". And to smooth them out after golfing you drag a two by four covered in astro turf over the sand! Ironic!

  4. Are you serious Jeanie?!?!?! I grew up in SK and have never seen this before!

  5. Apparently in the dry season everything is brown and dead so I suppose it is at it's best now!

  6. I swear it is true! Although our "greens" were covered in red sand, not black.


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