Fourth Time's a... *$@%!

Monday 7 March 2011

Unfortunately, the previous attempts to secure the house did not do the trick.  We found another broken window and my engagement ring stolen.  I had taken it off, put it in it's case, and hid it at the back of the drawer on my bedside table when we went to the beach.  Joe's camera was also taken from his bedside table and it appears that nothing else is missing.  I, of course, was completely devastated upon losing my ring.  Not only is it the most sentimental thing I have here, it's also the most expensive.  (Unfortunately, insurance doesn't really exist here and we don't have any policies in Canada.)

We have had meetings with our security company who provide the guards and all of our guards have been replaced.  There isn't a whole lot of accountability here so while we express our frustrations and anger, it doesn't really go anywhere.  At the moment, we have 2 guards every night even though we are 100% sure that the last robbery took place during the day.

A report has been filed with the police but everything is a bit backwards here.  They weren't contacted until much later so the guards were not questioned immediately and the probability of finding my ring is close to nothing.  (I'm sure it was sold for a couple of hundred dollars as they'd have no idea of it's actual value.)  The police here are not that reliable and although they've been kind thus far, we don't have a lot of faith that they'll be able to do anything.

Joe and I have some decisions to make.  The company will put bars in all of the windows to increase security and we can keep multiple guards for as long as we want.  We also have the possibility of moving to another house.  I feel that our house has been targeted and they may continue to attempt to get in with or without bars and extra guards (2 guards can sleep just as easily as 1 can.)  As you remember, houses are not easy to come by here and both of us are still exhausted from our first search so we are reluctant to take it on again.  I did find a house in a great, secure area that I would take in a heartbeat but it is more expensive and Joe's boss is reluctant to pay more.

Until we have a solution, we are locking off all of the bedrooms so even if they do enter, they can't get anywhere.  Joe also keeps a machete beside the bed, just in case.  When Joe goes offshore, I will go and sleep somewhere else as I'm not comfortable in the house alone right now.  This situation definitely isn't ideal and needless to say, both of us are frustrated and angered over it but thankful that neither of us were hurt and we are hoping to have a solution soon!


  1. Wow! So sorry to hear that Jay. You may have to wait until you are living in a different country to get another engagement ring. Until then, get yourself a fake.

  2. [...] robbery, robbery, robbery, etc. [...]


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