Our Never-Ending Housing Saga

Sunday 17 April 2011

Just a quick update to keep you all in the loop…
As you know, we had 4 break-ins in our house since we’ve had it (October 1.)  Not long after the 4th, Joe had to go offshore for a job and we weren’t comfortable having me stay in the house by myself even with 2 night guards so I moved over to the staffhouse which is really just a block of rooms at a hotel.  While I was staying there, our neighbour’s (another expat family) house was broken into while he was sleeping upstairs.  He heard it happening and scared them off.  That kind of sealed the deal for us that it was no longer safe to live in our house so when Joe returned from the job, we continued staying in the staffhouse until our vacation.
We returned from our vacation (WHICH WAS AWESOME)  to learn that Halliburton had assigned our room to someone else and hadn’t booked us a place to stay so we spent the night at a friend’s house while we tried to find a temporary solution.  Eventually, we transfered over to a small apartment at the back of a hotel.  We have no internet there nor many English TV channels so we certainly aren’t enthused about it.  We’ll stay there until we find a house.  (We’ve found a couple but Joe’s boss likes to try and get deals so he undercuts the offer and we end up losing the house… somedays I’d like to strangle him!)
We’ll keep you posted and keep your fingers crossed that our living conditions improve quickly!
I promise the next post will be about our fabulous vacation complete with pictures!  It will have to come in several posts as we did and saw so much!  Start saving your $$ because you must add South Africa to your travel plans!

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