1 Year Ago...

Thursday 12 May 2011

One year ago tomorrow, I began this blog after finally feeling confident that Gabon was going to happen.  It seems like ages ago now as we've come so far!

Some stats on the INTOWESTAFRICA:

55 Posts

84 Comments from you on those posts

24 people have subscribed to the blog

Our blog has had 2,820 views since May 13, 2010 with an average of 9 views per day.  The busiest day was April 19, 2011 with a whopping 60 hits!

I hope you are enjoying the blog as much as I enjoy writing it!  If there is anything you are curious about, don't hesitate to let me know.  I'm always happy to take suggestions as things are becoming pretty common for us here instead of new and exciting.

Thanks for your support and keeping up with us on our journey!


  1. OMG Jay, I can't believe it's been a year already. Keep the blogs coming, I love them! And more photo's of your life there......

  2. Make that 25 subscriptions! I never realized I could do that. Not that you've mentioned, I'm all over it. Mike and I love reading your blog!...got me thinking that I should do the same if we move to Norway or elsewhere interesting... ;)

  3. LOL... Mike's been subscribed under his Halliburton account for awhile. He's been holding out on you! How is the Norway trip going? Do you think you'll do it?

  4. Haven't been to Norway yet! We're still in Scotland, though we leave for Norway tomorrow evening. I'll get back to you on what we think of it next week! :)
    LOL - I had no clue Mike's been subscribed. I was just telling him about it and I say, "Now you tell me!" hehehe But, I usually update him on things you post on Facebook before he reading anything about it, so I beat him to the 'latest news' on you two regardless!


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