Stocking Up

Monday 1 August 2011

Joe & I just finished our final bits of shopping before we fly back to Gabon tomorrow.  Below is what we bought over the last couple of days because either we can't get it in Gabon or it's so expensive it's better to bring it over ourselves.

Keep in mind, this does not include all of the curtains we bought for our new apartment, new clothes, wedding gifts (hard drives full of movies & TV shows thanks to Kellen, Jessica & Mike B,) Joe's diabetic supplies & prescriptions for the year, kitchen utensils (bbq lighter, tongs, meat tenderizer,) and anything else we may have picked up earlier on in the trip.
I have a feeling we're going to be a touch overweight this time!


  1. Good luck with that load..... I hate packing. Safe trip home.

  2. It's awful isn't it?!?! We're just calculating what's worse - extra weight or extra bag. Either way I'm pretty sure it's going to cost us!


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