Monday 28 May 2012

Believe it or not, it's a little overwhelming rejoining the first world after several months in Gabon.  We're used to a fairly slow pace of life here.  In Gabon, we don't get a lot of choice in products we buy, restaurants we eat at, or things to do so when we're elsewhere, with so much choice, it's exhausting.  We were loving all that we were seeing in Spain but we were also starting to feel like we needed a bit of a break - a refresher of sorts.  That's when Marbella came up.

Marbella wasn't part of our original plan but when we decided we wanted a bit of a getaway, heading to the Southern coast of Spain seemed like the perfect place.  It's a fairly popular tourist sun destination and thus home to resorts, restaurants and golf courses.

It certainly didn't feel like the cultural peak of our holiday but we enjoyed the downtime.  In fact, I wasn't too upset when it started to rain for the first time since we arrived in Spain.  It gave us some time to relax, decompress and reflect.

I didn't use my camera in Marbella - only Instagram.

The view from our room

Catching up




-Because we were going to Marbella to get away from the business of cities, we didn't want to stay at a big hotel or resort.  We chose The Marbella Heights and it was exactly what we were looking for.  It's really quite small, more like a B&B, away from the tourists and resorts.  We had the entire place to ourselves and we appreciated the personal touch - especially the homemade breakfast in the morning.

-By the time we reached Marbella, our stomachs were back in good form and we were ready to indulge.  Both of us were craving Thai and had a great meal at Naga.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about needing a break on vacation. While we do have a lot of choices in South Africa, holidays tend to be very relaxed and spent lying on the beach, reading a book, or napping away the afternoon. When we go back to the united states to see my family, we're always on such a hectic schedule by the time the 2 weeks is over that were in need of another holiday, ha! Marbella looks beautiful though, the perfect way to rest up :)


  2. These pictures look amazing. You're getting me so pumped for my visit to Spain in 5 months!

  3. That looks like a wonderful "vacation break" (traveling can get seriously stressful). And your instagram pictures are gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful! We are headed to Portugal during our holiday! I've been told by some fellow Americans here that when they go back to the states and are confronted with the thousands of choices they feel overwhelmed! So crazy to think that right now when I would give anything for a Starbucks!

  5. quite a change - nice to be in the shiny western world

  6. I was looking for this post! It will be on our travel itinerary for next year. Looks peaceful!


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