Berlin: Day 1

Friday 9 November 2012

Our day started with a 4 am wake up call which apparently should have been earlier because at 4:50 am Joe exclaimed, "We have to go, our flight leaves in an hour."  So we hustled to the airport, the self service ticket booths wouldn't work for us and we had to get in the slowest moving line.  At 5:30, there were still 20 people ahead of us and with our 6:00 departure time, there was no way we would make it if we stayed in line.  So we did what I hate when people do; we spoke to an airline employee who moved us to the front.

Nothing like an early morning scramble to start the weekend away.

We took a short flight to Copenhagen and quickly hopped on another flight to Berlin and landed at our destination before 9:00.  I had booked the Adina Apartment Hotel Hackesher Markt because of it's great, central location, reasonable prices and high rankings on Trip Advisor and we were happy with the choice.  It was a really great place to start from and there were plenty of shops and restaurants nearby for the end of the day.  We were luckily able to check in early and after having freshened up, we set out for our first day of exploring.

After walking around the Alexanderplatz, we decided to head to Lokal, as recommended by Ashley, for lunch.  The menu is small but the food fantastic and it turned out to be a great place for a nice leisurely first lunch in Berlin.

The rest of the day was spent walking and getting a feel for the layout of the city.  We ended with an early dinner, a beer out and bed early as we were so exhausted after our early morning.

{By the way, last week I was featured on Expats Blog.  You can check out my interview here.}


  1. I hate those close calls with flights... and somehow my lovely boyfriend always manages to put us in those situations. He is has SO many strong points, but punctuality definitely is NOT one of them ;)

    Your photos of Berlin are stunning - I'm dying to visit soon :)


  2. haha oh my gosh being late for flights gives me soooo much anxiety! especially in europe because i feel like they're so much less flexible and you basically just lose al your money if you miss your flight.

    can't wait to see more of berlin!

  3. never been to Berlin but all these photos look so amazing!

    style frontier

  4. I hate the stress of having to scramble to catch a flight. The lines at the airport move the slowest when you're in a hurry (and they move slow anyway). Berlin looks like a beautiful city.

  5. wow.. so amazing. I love the picture of all the locks.

  6. Oh my word, you literally stayed around the corner from our apartment. Hazel and I walk by the Adina every morning, glad to know you enjoyed your stay so I can recommend it to visitors :)


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