Stavanger : [stɑˈʋɑŋər]

Wednesday 6 February 2013

I think most of our friends and family, and even us in the beginning, pronounced Stavanger [stav - an - ger] with a soft g on the last syllable.  It is not actually pronounced in such a way.

Sta - vang - er

Sometimes, I hear Norwegians say it and it sounds a little like Sta - vong - ehr.

In any case, there's no soft g sound anywhere in there.

Now you know.

(Also, in case you were wondering, Port Gentil is not pronounced Port Gentile - it's [port - zhon - tee].)

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  1. Ha yep, was definitely thinking about it in the American way!

  2. haha I don't actually know if I was pronouncing it at all - I think I may have just been looking at it and going, "yup, the place where Jay lives now!"

  3. I flew into Stavanger many years ago for work purposes. I was in Norway for less than a week but I loved it. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking (a flight over the Fjords in a bi-plane - both terrifying and exhilarating) and I found the people very friendly.

    I will return one day but in the meantime I am really looking forward to your stories and photos :-)

  4. I'd love to see you do more posts on Norwegian life and your travels there. I'm considering moving to Norway for uni later this year and would love to get to know the country a bit more through your blog! :)


    1. The free education for all (foreigners alike) is certainly attractive!

      I'll keep working on posting Norway travel & life :) Thank you for the feedback!


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