Turning 30

Friday 21 June 2013

A 30th birthday seems like a momentous occasion.

I had honestly expected that I would dread it - that as it approached I'd start seeing my life pass before my eyes, frantically calculating whether or not I'd have accomplished everything I thought I would by 30.  I figured my birthday would be passed mourning the loss of my twenties.

In actuality, none of that happened.  I didn't dread 30 at all; in fact, I was sort of looking forward to it.  My twenties were great - filled with change and aspirations, uncertainty and fun.  There were also stresses as I lived pay cheque to pay cheque paying down my student loans and a lot of time wondering if I had chosen the right path for myself.  By my late-twenties, I had sort of let that all go.  Things came together and those that didn't weren't a big deal.  I was more relaxed yet more confident in myself than I had ever been.  So with that, I gladly bid farewell to that decade, ready to welcome another.

I decided much earlier in the year that I would celebrate 30 as opposed to mourn 20 and living in Europe meant there was no better way than jetting off elsewhere for the occasion.  I pondered locations and experiences but ultimately decided I wanted a relaxed yet luxurious getaway, just the two of us.  I didn't want to feel like we were 'traveling' yet I wanted to see something new.  Thus, Versailles became the frontrunner.

I've been to Paris twice before and both times missed Versailles for one reason or another and while we wanted to visit the palace, I didn't want to be in bustling Paris.  I had never heard of anyone staying in the town of Versailles itself but upon further research, it seemed like the perfect decision.

We stayed in an ultra-luxurious hotel, we visited the palace, wandered the stunning gardens, dined in the quaint centre of town and I felt completely pampered throughout.  Due to Joe's business trip, we had to celebrate a couple of days in advance but he surprised me with champagne and flowers delivered to our room and dinner reservations in town as well as a brand new wide angle lens for my SLR.

For someone who often doesn't make a big deal out of birthdays, this was completely extravagant yet so perfect.

(PS. My 29th Birthday in Gabon)


  1. I've never even thought about staying in Versailles, but you're right, it would be sort of a slower and more luxurious version of France! Looks like an amazing birthday!

  2. Looks like a wonderful and memorable birthday. My 30th was in January and was a complete let down because my husband was sent to South Africa on an urgent trip just a few days before. I'm hoping we can make up for it next year.

    1. Oh that's awful Amy! I was so angry when Joe's business trip came up threatening to cancel the trip but I ultimately decided to push up the trip, taking 2 of our precious holiday days to make it happen. I sure hope you get a proper celebration this coming birthday!

  3. Hi jay! I found your blog a week or so ago via another friends. I absolutely love your perspective on 30. It is exactly how I feel too. I will turn 30 in less than 4 months and I'm thrilled! I'm probably more excited about 30 than 21. Could be because we are living in Europe, too. What's more exciting than living abroad? Not much for a boring old country girl like me. :)

  4. Ummmmmm... here's to hoping that I somehow get to celebrate 30 in a luxurious Versailles hotel with a man who surprises me with champagne and flowers..!! A girl can dream, right? Happiest of birthdays to you Jay, way to knock it out in style. xo

  5. that sounds like the perfect celebration! what a great way to look at the new age, not mourning but looking forward to whats to come!

  6. Happy Birthday, Jay! It looks like you had a wonderful 30th, much like my own back in January. I love your attitude about not mourning it but making it a huge celebration.

    Jade x

  7. Sounds like a lovely birthday! I turn 30 next month and was having a hard time with it as I am not exactly at where I thought I would be at during this period in my life. You gave me a fresh perspective!!

    1. 30 seems to be one of those points where we base our milestones on but regardless of where I thought I'd be, I'm happy where I am :)

      I hope you have a lovely 30th birthday next month!

  8. Happy Birthday Jay! Sounds like a great way to celebrate your 30th birthday! It really didnt hurt, right? :)

    Kristina x


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