Our Italian Itinerary

Monday 28 April 2014

Italy has always been near the top of our travel list, particularly when we moved to Europe, but we always felt it needed to be done slowly.  While there are cities that would make great weekend trips, we wanted to tackle Italy as we had done Spain a few years prior.  (That is, taking a couple of weeks and visiting a handful of locations without feeling really rushed.)  We knew that Joe would be able to have holidays around Easter this year and with that being Norway's biggest holiday (fyi, Norway has the world's longest Easter holiday - no joke,) it made perfect sense to schedule in Italy.

I had been to Italy before - I was 16, the lira was still in use, and while I visited Florence, Rome & Pisa, the memories outside of Mango, Zara & a discotheque are vague.  Joe was pretty open to anything but probably most keen to see Florence (Dan Brown inspired.)  I was eager to check out Venice and hoped for a relaxing portion on either the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre.  After perusing the map, a rough plan was put into place.

There is so much of Italy to see and had we had more than 11 days, we probably would have added to the itinerary but I'm an advocate of taking things slowly.  It's really difficult to get a feel for a location when you rush in and rush out in a day or two and I'd rather visit less and feel more comprehensive about what we did see.  That meant for this trip, we wouldn't spend a few days in the Tuscan countryside and Joe wouldn't get to see Rome.  


  • April 11 through 14

:: We flew from Stavanger to Venice via Frankfurt with Lufthansa and arrived late, Friday evening.
:: We stayed at the Carnival Palace hotel which we both really enjoyed.  We were so happy to be located away from the main tourist crowds and the property was modern and clean.  We also loved the complimentary prosecco available at the breakfast bar.
:: We originally thought we'd spend one day exploring Venice proper on foot and boat and then use part or all of our second day to visit the islands, Murano & Burano.  In actuality, we loved getting lost in Venice and decided the islands would have to wait until our next trip as we wanted the full 2 days to really explore the city.


  • April 14 through 17

:: We took the high speed train from Venice to Florence.  I had heard not very nice things about the local rail system in Italy so I was a little nervous but the high speed trains were really fantastic.  They were clean, comfortable and efficient.  The trip took 2 hours and left us in central Florence, within walking distance to our accommodation.
:: We strayed from our usual boutique hotel and went with the most charming garden loft on a large property right in the city.  The history of the property and the family that owns it is fascinating (and will most likely be a post all on it's own) and the loft was really unique.  Also important, it was well located with an easy walk to the River Arno and many of the historical sites in the city.
:: Our three days were spent wandering the city on foot.  We had a few sites that we were keen to see but because the weather was so great, we didn't want to be holed up in museums.  Both of us felt ready to leave Florence at the end however, if you're really keen to visit (and enter) all of the historical sites, you might want more time.  Florence is crazy with tourists and the lines can be long.  


  • April 17 through 21

:: Again, we jumped on the high speed train from Florence to Naples where we were met by our private driver who chauffeured us out to Positano.  The train took just under 3 hours and the following car ride was at least an hour and a half.  (We had heard stories of people using public transit to get to Positano and it being a very long and unenjoyable experience and we didn't want that.  The driver was arranged by our hotel but I'm pretty sure they used this company and it cost 120 euros.  We travelled in a nice car and our driver stopped multiple times along the way and took pictures of us as well as gave us a little history lesson on the area.  It was definitely worth the extra cost.)
:: We stayed at the Punta Regina which is a small hotel (only 18 rooms) located partially up the mountain but still within Positano and about a 10 minute walk down to the main beach.  We were really happy with the location as we had great views, there were several good restaurants nearby and the walk into town was really nice.  The hotel itself was great.  Our room had a huge private terrace and the rooftop area where we had breakfast was lovely.  (There was also a small pool up there should you want to take a dip.)  Best of all was the service.  Never once did we have to give our room number and when we asked for recommendations, it was all really personal and helpful.  
:: We had four nights in Positano but we really would have loved more.  We had enough time to slowly cover the area including side trips to Amalfi/Ravello and up to Nocelle (a tiny little village above Positano.)  However, we didn't have enough time to get to Capri or do the Path of the Gods.  A couple more days would have been perfect.


  • April 21 through 22

:: Our return flight to Stavanger was at 6:45 am so driving in from Positano really wasn't our best choice.  Instead, our private driver drove us back to Naples.  On the way, he stopped off at Pompeii for us where we had a couple of hours to tour the ruins.
:: We stayed at La Ciliegina which was kind of in the heart of Naples.  It's another tiny hotel but the rooms were spacious and the bed, one of the best we had in Italy.
:: We arrived in Naples mid afternoon and promptly went out to explore the historical centre.  It didn't take long for us to form rather negative opinions on the city and after a few hours, we were happy to return to the hotel and prepare for the early morning departure back to Stavanger.  (I'll elaborate later.)


-Train tickets for the high speed trains can be bought online at ItaliaRail.  There are a few different price categories (aside from first class and economy) that are released.  The earlier you book, the better chance you have at getting the lowest fares.
-I pondered upgrading to first class (it's so much more affordable on train travel than it is on air) but I'm happy we decided against it.  The economy cabins were fine (although short on space for large luggage.)  Pack snacks with you as the quality in the food car was sub-par.
-Spring travel was perfect in Italy.  Most days were in the high teens, early twenties (Celsius, of course) and there was very little rain.  
-If you're hoping to lay on the beach in Positano, I'd wait to visit until mid-May or June as it was cooler on the Amalfi coast than it was in the other spots and just a bit too chilly in April to lay out in a bathing suit.

I really hope to get my blogging act together (although truth be told, the non-stop sunshine in Stavanger lately is making it difficult.)  On our trip, I found myself thinking about this little online space and sharing all we were experiencing.  I'm hoping to cut out some more time to work on photo editing and writing as I really don't want to forget the details of this perfect, Italian trip!


  1. Really anxious to hear more about this trip! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Looking forward to finding out more!

  3. What a wonderful trip! I can't wait to see more photos. Don't worry about the blogging delay. My motto is "Live first, blog later"! :)

  4. I really enjoyed looking at your photos from the trip! It took me back to my trip to Italy, it's such a wonderful place to visit.

  5. It's been too long since I've been to Italy! Positano is definitely on the list for next time!

  6. I think you guys are similar travelers to us. We haven't been to France or mainland Italy yet because we want a good chunk of time to mosey and explore. We did go to Venice, but we flew directly in and out and had 4 full days. I'm so envious of your time in Florence, mostly because I'm dying to see Botticelli's The Birth of Venus- but I want to see everything else as well!
    I can't wait to drool over all your posts!

  7. That looked great. Now I have a few tips for my trip to Italy in June. Going to a wedding and then travel around in the Tuscany district :)

  8. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Did you try some gelato :)?

  9. Sounds amazing. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and seeing your photos!

  10. I am such a list person, definitely bookmarking this :) I've been to Italy for about 1.5 weeks and didn't get to really experience it.

  11. This trip looks amazing! I love Italy, it is one of the few European countries where I'd like to visit multiple destinations. I'd love to take out 3 weeks or more and travel throughout.

  12. These pictures are just gorgeous. The only place I've been in Europe is Greece. I think Italy would be amazing!

  13. lovely! can't wait to see more photos from the trip....whenever you get around to it, that is ;)

  14. wow I am insanely jealous of your trip right now! I fell in love with Italy when I first visited Rome 10 years ago. I've been lucky enough to go to Florence every year for work but I have yet to visit the rest of the country. I would love a trip like this one so definitely bookmarking this post. Can't wait to see more photos! xx

  15. you are literally living my dream. Once I graduate from college I hope to travel doing freelance graphic design. I go to Europe in a month and I'm so filled with excitement!!

  16. I'm thinking of going to Italy in July. Venice and Florence were on my list but now I think I want to add Positano. It looks so nice!

  17. I loved reading this post. In 2009 we packed up our car and drove to Italy (from the UK) it was truly one of the most memorable things we have ever done and I would not hesitate to do it again. We visited Florence, Lago Maggiore, Sienna, San Gimiganano, Bologna & Pisa. I did a weekend in Naples with my sister too and it was a true foodie paradise, great sights to see there too. Your post has stirred up all those memories for me :)

  18. Italy is such a awesome place! I moved for studying purposes to Italy and here I am still living in Milan. I hope you had a blast in Italy!

    Soon, I will post more about the places I have traveled in Italy. You might have a look on my blog later.
    Greetings from Milan! :-)


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