We saw a couple of giraffes the other day...

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Too bad they were wooden.  Unfortunately the only live animals we've seen are dogs, goats and chickens.

On another note, we are experiencing our first African water outage.  No one knows why it happened or how long it will take to turn back on but it appears people are preparing for the long haul.  Joe and I went to stock up on bottled water at the grocery store and people were filling their trunks  (last year the water was off for a full 2 week stint.)  Luckily, our hotel has several water tanks along the side to aide with water pressure so that has kept us going.  Joe and I both took a shower tonight thinking it may be the last for the next few days.  If worse comes to worse, we'll have to take a long lunch and head to the beach for 'bath.'

Think of us as you turn on the water to wash your dishes, flush your toilet, or for a nice long, hot shower or bath and keep your fingers crossed that our water returns quickly!

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