Sunday Afternoon

Sunday 26 September 2010

We did a little off-roading to our own private beach and set up to watch the waves!

We had a beer,

chased some waves,

practised a few yoga poses,

and we even survived our first police checkstop on the way home without having to pay any bribe money!  What a great day!


  1. Wish I was with you today. I can't imagine a beach like that and no one swimming.I would be too chicken to swim there. Strictly a pool person. There will be no more having a beer and driving in B.C. The laws are changed!!!!! .05% is the limit now. I think one beer puts you in that category.
    Is the water back on? Love to you both, ~Gram~

  2. Wish you were here too! It was a touch cold out and the ocean was rough so we didn't enter the water either. It was nice just to sit back and watch the waves come in!
    We do have water back on. The outage lasted 3 or 4 days but we were lucky in the hotel as they seemed to have water delivered or something. Most days we only had to do a few hours without.
    Saw on the news this morning that BC is getting quite a bit of rain! Hope you aren't floating away!


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