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Friday 10 June 2011

Sogara Club - lunch on the beach May 2011

One gorgeous day, I joined some friends for lunch on the beach.  As we were sitting there enjoying the ocean, I reflected a bit on the time we've spent in Port Gentil and it reminded me of the first time I visited this restaurant.

It was Day #1 in Port Gentil, in Gabon and in Africa.  We arrived early in the morning and after stopping by Joe's office and getting checked in to our temporary home at Hotel du Parc (which is no walk in the park,) Joe left me behind to unpack, sleep and ultimately, realise that we just moved to Africa!  He came home for lunch and suggested we head out to Sogara to eat.

I'm sure he took me there as after having my first taste of Africa, he wanted to show me the best part of Port Gentil, the beach.  The setting is picturesque; the sand, the water, the ocean breeze, waves breaking, shall I go on?

Before I continue, I must explain.  I'm afraid of birds.  Not deathly afraid like I'm scared for my life but I just really don't like them.  I think they're dirty and I hate them fluttering around me.  I blame this on barn swallows that swoop at your head.  Should you happen to be around me and a bird flies into my vicinity I will duck, even if it's no where near my head.  I can't help it.

We get situated and order our hamburgers when a few guests decide to join us.

Here I am trying to enjoy my first lunch in Gabon yet ducking every 5 seconds when another bird decides to join its friends.  I'm sure I looked crazy to everyone else dining outside.

And then, the lizards came.  Remember, this was my first day in Africa and I certainly wasn't accustomed to lizards scurrying around.  There I sat, legs tucked up under me, dodging birds left and right and managing to get a bite or two of my hamburger in.

As I sat having lunch a few tables down from that first encounter 10 months earlier I couldn't help but think, "My gosh, I have come so far."


  1. Firstly happy birthday Jay, and secondly, I'm with you on this (post). I don't even flinch at centipedes in my kitchen or bats swooping at me on my deck in the evening. It's been 2 months. Still not loving the lizards, but will work on that.... and didn't much care for the neighbours tarantula either.....

  2. I'm still terrible with bats - they're a worse version of a bird. I'm not sure what I'd have done with a tarantula?! I find it's better not to think of it. Ignorance can be bliss I suppose!
    (And thanks for the birthday wishes!)

  3. It is just so beautiful there... birds and lizards or not!! :)


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