Wednesday 8 June 2011

Well... I'm home.  Home in Canada I mean.

It's always a little exciting getting on a plane coming home although this time, I was a bit hesitant as I was leaving Joe behind.  I had to come earlier to work on wedding stuff and Joe doesn't get enough holidays so here I am and there he is.  Poor guy - he's probably the one that needs the break!

A few things I've enjoyed over the last week:

  • caesars - oh how I've missed them

  • roads that don't crack your back while you are driving

  • shopping - both fun shopping and everyday life shopping (there's so much to choose from!)

  • steak that doesn't take you 10 minutes to chew one piece

  • catching up with family & friends

  • lightning fast internet, or at least that's what it feels like

  • TLC & HGTV

A few things I'm not enjoying:

  • the lack of humidity and my shrinking & shriveling skin

  • my mother's ridiculously cold house

  • no access to the beach

  • trying to catch my husband on skype calls and usually never succeeding

  • missing out on all of the coffees, parties, gatherings going on in POG without me!

All in all, it's nice to be back and I'm happy to have more time this time to see friends.  I'm sure I'll be sick of driving but it's all worth it to catch up with those I've missed.

And one more note:  I have the most amazing husband in the world.

Engagement ring #2 - Exactly the same as the first in every way. It's like nothing ever happened!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment today, girl! I sure appreciate any time you spend on my little blog. Yours is fascinating, too! Enjoy your time back in Canada! :)


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