Jungle Joe

Thursday 17 November 2011

Joe is somewhere in the Gabonese jungle.

Normally when he goes to a job, it's offshore but due to a lack of qualified engineers, he's been sent inland.  He took a 1.5 hour helicopter ride to get there and he doesn't really know where he is except for the fact that they followed the coastline South for about an hour before heading inland.

The jungle in Gabon is crazy - it is so dense and lush that you often can't see through the wall of forest.  It's also home to forest elephants, silverback gorillas and countless other snakes and bugs.  While he has yet to spot the elephants (apparently those on the rig at night have) he did come across a giant snake yesterday which he says was as thick as his leg.  The local guy he was with thought it was a viper so perhaps it's this one.

He continually reminds me that he's glad I'm not out there as he's encountered huge spiders, cockroaches the size of rats and moths that are as big as birds.  I think this will be one of those trips that he'll be happy to have done once and hopefully not again!

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