You know you've been in Gabon too long when...

Thursday 10 November 2011

1.  You begin to think of the bars in people's windows as decorative fixtures and you notice (and maybe even comment on) 'fancy' ones.

2.  You use the horn in your car more than your signal lights.

3.  You give someone a generous tip because they actually brought you what you ordered in a reasonable time and weren't rude about it.

4.  You walk by the man peeing in the street and hardly notice.

5.  You look for the token naked man on your drive across town.

6.  You find peanut butter in the grocery store so you text your friends to let them know it's there and then buy several for yourself.

7.  You spend more time driving on the wrong side of the road than you do on the right.

8.  It no longer surprises you that there is no money in the bank machine and no fuel at the gas station.

9.  You phone your friend on the other side of town to ask if there's any police check-stops before you head her way.

and lastly,

10.  A baby cockroach runs across your table at lunch, the waitress helps you kill it and you still stay to eat.


  1. heh Jay; Did you bar b q the cockroach?

    Lots of protein!!

    Dad Reid

  2. lol..Gabon is so much like Kenya! ;-)


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