A Fairly Normal Day in Africa

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Sometimes a day ends and as I reflect on it I wonder, "Where am I and when did this become normal?"

For example:

-I got up and went for my normal walk.  I returned to the house all sweaty and disgusting to find that our water tank was completely empty and the water was off.  So I hung out hoping it would return quickly; it didn't.

-In the afternoon, the internet sporadically went off and on for hours and then it stayed off for the rest of the night.  (This has become so regular that it seems like the anomaly when we have it for a full day sans interruption.)

-A giant rainstorm approached around dinner time and with it's hurricane like conditions, the TV went out.

-Luckily, our area of town didn't lose power although others did.

-I got up the next morning and the water was back on so I could shower, do the dishes and flush the toilets and I was fairly excited about it.

-I tried to phone and text my friends and the cell network was down.

-The internet was also  still down.

-And then, miraculously it all came back and we're living life normally again.  For how long, no one knows.

None of this surprises us anymore and while it will always be incredibly annoying it's just become our 'normal' life.

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  1. Africa, where normal is seems abnormal and vice versa.


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