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Saturday 18 February 2012

When life gets us down, we plan a trip.  It's the easiest way to pull yourself out of a funk and it gives us something to look forward to.
So... we're heading to SPAIN!

We'll start off in Barcelona.

And then we'll head to Valencia.

We'll rent a car and head South to visit places like Granada and Seville.

And we'll end our stay in Spain with a few days in Madrid.

Before we return to Gabon, we'll spend a weekend in Paris.

 We depart 2 months from now and we'll spend 2.5 glorious weeks abroad.

Have you been to Spain?  Recommendations are welcome!

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  1. This will be fantastic!! We are planning a euro trip this summer too. We haven't done any planning except that we are going in July or August! I'm so excited for you to get out of Gabon for a bit!

  2. Thanks Ashley! April 19th can't come quick enough :)

  3. Valencia is amazing! You have to rent a bike there. They have a dry riverbed through the town that you can bike on. Then you get to the beach and can have paella for two (request no rabbit!). Madrid has spectacular flamenco dances that will blow your mind. I did a bike tour in Barcelona which was a great way to see so much of the city. Oh, and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, you can skip the modern art gallery...so strange! And the best part, get into Spanish culture by having a siesta every afternoon and supper at 10PM!

  4. love your travel plans-that will be such a great break from Africa for a while-I think Barcelona is my favourite Spanish city...tough choice though

  5. Thanks for stopping by Robyn!

    By April it will be 9 months of Africa straight and we're so ready for a little reprieve!


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