Wednesday 16 May 2012

Unfortunately, I had a nasty encounter with a stomach virus our last night in Barcelona leaving me violently ill and causing me to miss the last 30 minutes of The Hunger Games in the theatre.  Afterwards, I couldn't eat for 2 days and certainly wasn't in my prime.  While I refused to sit in my hotel room, I wasn't in my best form for Valencia which is really too bad because it is amazing!

If Barcelona was all about architecture, Valencia is all about history.  Founded in 138 BC by Roman colonists, it's one of the oldest cities in Spain.  The historical centre of the city is absolutely stunning and it has a completely different look from any of the other Spanish cities we visited.  The rich history mixed with the glamourous feeling the city eludes was really quite cool.

Juxtaposed with the Old Quarter is the ultra modern and sleek City of Arts & Sciences.  It's home to several unique looking buildings including an interactive science centre, an opera house, an aquarium, and a planetarium.

We bought tickets to the science centre but with my recurrent dizziness, we didn't stay long.  If I were to go back, I think the oceanographic park would be a better choice.

Valencia is one of those cities you just can't help but fall in love with.  As you walk the streets you marvel at the history yet you feel like you are somewhere glamourous and rich.  Joe continually places it near the top of his favorite Spanish cities.


-We stayed at the SH Ingles Valencia and we were happy with it.  It was one of the cheapest hotels we stayed in yet it's location was superb and the room was spacious & clean.  It's certainly not luxurious but you can't beat the price & location.

-We had a really fantastic lunch at La Pappardella which is just up a small side street near the cathedral in the centre of town.

-Eat paella in Valencia because it was invented there.  (I only wish I could have!)

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Also, Dana ,over at Wonder Forest, wrote this really great post about how to follow along to your favourite blogs.  It's a great read if you've been wondering about what you are seeing around here!


  1. Looks stunning! I was only in Cadiz and Barcelona when I visited Spain, but Valencia, Madrid, and Granada are all on my must-see list for next time :)


  2. oh my gosh sad that you got sick and couldn't eat the paella!! I hear it's amazing! valencia is on my list!

  3. LOVED Valencia. One of Spain's best kept secrets. The aquarium is ah-mazing. If you go back you must have the sangria at the aquarium's cafe - it's the best I've ever had anywhere in the world.

  4. I also loved Valencia. I was in the middle of enjoying a traditional paella on the beach when I realized there was a rabbit leg hidden amongst the other ingredients. I know that many people around the world eat rabbit, but it took me by surprise!

  5. awww poor thing. Stomach flu is definitely the worst thing to have when you're on a vacay. I love the pictures!

  6. Yayyy! Another expat blogger! So excited to read more of your blog!

    And, I LOVE SPAIN! I really hope to go back in the next year!


  7. oh wow, these images are absolutely beautiful! i really wish i had the opportunity to travel right now!
    xo TJ

  8. Looks beautiful. I looking for a short break next month. Might check out flights there.


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