Brussels - Part 1

Wednesday 12 September 2012


Home of frites, beer, chocolate, and waffles.  It's possible to indulge on an overload of carbs around every, single corner.

We spent most of our time in the Grand Place, the central square of Brussels, where we couldn't help but stop and stare at the buildings and the statues perched on top of them.  The cobblestone streets lined with shops and restaurants smelled of chocolate and there were endless little alleys and squares to peruse.

We also were able to visit the Royal Palace - while it is not the family's residence, it is used for meetings and hosting events and still stands in it's grandeur.

By far, the most unique room in the palace was the Mirror Room home to "Heaven of Delight," where the ceiling and central chandelier are have been covered in 1.4 million Thai jewel beetle wings.  Apparently, 29 artists spent 3 months completing this work.
Facing the palace is Brussels Park where we found people lunching, exercising and enjoying live music.  Perched throughout the gardens are some of the things that Belgium is famous for.


Stay tuned for more on our trip to Belgium.


  1. Awesome! Great pictures!



  2. Yep, definitely missed out on all of that except the Marktplatz while I was in Brussels. I was apparently a terrible tourist and chose the carb route instead,

  3. The streets smelled like chocolate?! Oh my god how soon can I get a plane ticket sorted?!
    I love everything in that first line...except beer. So I can just eat the frites, chocolate, waffles and have mussels!

  4. Love the carb thing and the chocolate!

    Not so sure about the beetle wings. I bet those artists were thinking, "Who is the GENIUS that came up with this idea?"

    Looking forward to even more from your trip.

  5. I am sooo happy I came here today! I love your blog and I love love love your photos. Such great shots- takes me right to Belgium.

  6. this is SO BEAUTIFUL! need more photos of you in there :) i want to go to brussels now!

  7. So pretty. I get such wanderlust reading your blog.

  8. Gorgeous! You're lucky you got good weather in Brussels. It rained the whole time we were in Bruges :)

  9. Wow the architecture is stunning! Great pictures.


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