Wednesday 19 September 2012

Joe & I at a Houston Texans game 2009

Before we moved to Gabon, we spent close to 6 months in Houston.  Joe worked in his company's office there and I worked on the best tan of my life and read a billion books.  It was great.

This weekend, we're heading back to Houston for 2 weeks.  Joe's been selected to take part in a workshop there and I'm tagging along to reclaim my position at the hotel pool and soak up as much sun as I possibly can before the long, dark Norwegian winter sets in.

Texas - get ready! We're coming back!


  1. That sounds wonderful! I'm so jealous! Nothing is more relaxing than lounging around and reading as many books as you can!

  2. FUN! You two are such jet setters! Enjoy the pool... and the tan :)


  3. your Houston's life sounds beautiful. i'd love to be able to read books every single day :)
    have a great time!

  4. sitting by the pool for a week sounds heavenly!


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