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Monday 27 May 2013

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The summer always seems to bring on a flurry of activity.  The weather warms, the leaves turn green and people are ecstatic to leave their houses and enjoy the season.  It also tends to be the peak travel season for much of the Northern hemisphere - everyone hoping to take advantage of the long, warm days and summer holidays.  The same rings true for us.

The winter seemed to drag on and on - not that it was particularly cold but it just took ages to warm up and turn green. Joe was busy at work and aside from our inner Norway trips (Oslo, Bergen & Flåm) we stayed put until our recent travels to London & Santorini but now, things are getting busy.

Just a couple of weeks after our return from Greece, I'm due to turn 30 and we'll be off to France to celebrate.  We've booked a super, swanky hotel and I plan on sipping champagne and strolling palace grounds.  (If anything takes the edge off another decade come & gone, it must be that!)

Afterwards, Joe and I part ways.  He to Texas for a business trip and me to Canada where I'll spend almost the entire month of June.  Most of my time will be spent in Saskatchewan with a couple of trips to Alberta.  After Joe's week in the US, he'll jump back on a plane for Stavanger for one week before traversing the Atlantic again.  We'll meet up in Northern British Columbia, attend a wedding and then fly back to Norway together.

From there, we'll both have a week to recover before we welcome my parents to our Norwegian home. We'll spend their 2 weeks here exploring Rogaland but I'll also be taking them up to Bergen & on the Norway in a Nutshell tour.

August slows down a bit with a quick, weekend trip to Stockholm and a potential meet up somewhere in Europe with a couple of my Gabon girlfriends.

How are your summer plans shaping up?


  1. Wow Jay! So jealous of your upcoming travel schedule! As you know, Malta was on the agenda for early summer but ticket prices seem to have sky rocketed so we are thinking about Istanbul instead. We might do a week down at D's family house in France but otherwise, it will be a fairly calm summer for us after our South African adventure this spring. And - by the way - 30s are so much better than 20s :)

    1. I hate when flight costs do that sporadically! Instanbul sounds great though - I'm hoping to get there later this year.

      And you know, I'm quite looking forward to my 30s. I feel pretty good about it :)

  2. that summer sounds excellent! how great that you get to go home and visit for that long! has it been awhile since you've been back? and i just have to say that your birthday plans sound like THE perfect way to ring in a new decade! my husband also turns 30 this year and is a little nervous. but i've heard the same as jess, that it's better than you're 20's. with a celebration like that, it's bound to be!

  3. goodness that sounds like a lot of traveling coming up! are you going back home in june to visit your family? a month at home after being away for a long time is the best feeling.

  4. Fabulous summer ahead for you!!
    We've just started getting comfortable with the idea of our 5 month old getting her passport stamped...first up, Abu Dhabi to Jordan...then 2 weeks later, back to Texas for our first trip home since our move abroad. So psyched!
    We come back for two weeks, then off to Majora, Spain for a little sun.
    We'll see how our little one handles all the airports. I really hope she has the travel bug so we can begin booking some more great trips.
    Istanbul, Muscat and Cape Town are calling my name for later in the year...but I'd be willing to trade some of that for an Australia trip!
    Your Santorini pictures were incredible!!

  5. ..and so far, your previous posters are right! 30s rock!

    1. Your summer sounds fantastic, Myrna and, hopefully all goes well with the baby and you'll be whisking her off to all of those other destinations!

  6. sounds fun! Where are you headed in France?

  7. wow talk about a world traveler!!

  8. So gorgeous! Jealous of all the traveling you've done, cannot wait to start doing the same while we're here in the EU!

  9. My summer plans consist of working and enjoying (hopefully) the sun in the garden. Nowhere near as busy as your summer. Sounds amazing!

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  10. You've got some great trips coming up this summer! :) My own are not as exciting (or abundant) as I'll be super busy with university until the end of July and then have to head over to Norway shortly after. I will, however, be travelling through the South of Norway for two weeks before settling in Bergen and I'm already pretty excited for that. As I'm only in Norway for a limited time, I want to use my year to explore this country as best as I can (would love to go visit the Lofoten!), but there will be at least one trip to England.

    By the way, your birthday trip just sounds super amazing - there's nothing like enjoying luxury in France. And please greet Alberta from me: With my next Living-Abroad-Adventure ahead, I find myself thinking back to Canada more and more...


  11. Everything looks so amazing, but most of all the strawberries had me! It's not quite berry season here in Chicago yet, but you're reminding me that it's one of my favorite parts of summer! Every 4th of July I make my grandmother's berry cake and it's always the party favorite.

    <3 eileen

  12. Oooh celebrating 30 is fun! I turn 31 this year and I'm looking forward to how the 30s differ from the 20s. Those strawberries look so yummy!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  13. France! Tell me you're coming to Paris? I'd love to finally meet you (and happy early birthday!)

  14. Sounds like a lot of fun summer plans! Hope you have a beautiful birthday in France, and a great time back in Canada! :)


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