Monday 13 August 2012

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I was born and raised in Saskatchewan.  

("The Flat Part in the Middle" above.)

Yes, Saskatchewan is flat.  Very flat and where I'm from, bare too.  The joke is, and we're at the end of many jokes, that you can watch your dog run away for a week.  It's probably true.

While the vast prairies might make for a boring drive for many, it actually is quite beautiful; Field upon field of grain, uninterrupted sky that stretches for miles, and gorgeous sunsets.

I love how friendly the people are, waving to complete strangers while passing on a dirt road, the small town feel no matter where you are in the province and being able to gaze into the distance as far as the eye can see without anything obstructing the view.  


  1. that is the one lower province ive NEVER been to and im intrigued by it the most (mainly b/c ive never been there and i had many customers at my old job from there...and they were ridiculously nice!).

    flat as it is, it is still gorgeous. and i disagree with that map...i think people in your province talk the funniest haha :) well at least my 4 customers from saskatoon talked funny :)

  2. love the map! looks beautiful...i hate running hills anyway! :)

  3. Haha I would rather be from the flat part than the part where 'People talk funny' Sask looks gorgeous, I must go someday.

  4. I love this map! I may use it. I'm having a great time at home so far and really taking in what is so great about living here. I forgot how green it is, even in the city.

  5. Hey, I just stumbled across you blog! Those pictures are gorgeous. I love it, even though it is as flat as can be. It's so pretty with all the green grass and big skies!

  6. I love your pictures; they're beautiful!

  7. I moved to Moose Jaw from Chicago...what a world apart! I love the province...the people are wonderful the sky is huge and the stars at night are incredible! Thanks for sharing this post!

  8. Your pics look beautiful. I really want to visit Canada. Would love to even move there!

  9. Most people have a hate-on for Saskatchewan, but it is frankly one of my favourite provinces. Wonderful pictures!


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