Sunday 13 October 2013

+Today is Thanksgiving in Canada.  This year I'm thankful for so much but feeling especially happy that despite a very late and wet seeding season, my brother and Dad got all of their crops off this week. Joe and I have a chicken to roast but I sure wish I was eating turkey & dressing with my family.

+Joe and I hiked Dalsnuten this morning for the second time.  It was so busy but the weather couldn't have been better and of course, the views were fantastic.

+Last night, we went to the theatre to see The Butler - have you seen it?  Both of us quite enjoyed it.  We thought the acting was good and the story, interesting.

+Afterwards, we went to test out Marcus Samuelsson's new restaurant, Kitchen & Table.  Samuelsson's story is pretty interesting; he was born in Ethiopia but was adopted by a Swedish couple after his mother died of tuberculosis.  He won Top Chef Masters and he was the guest chef for President Obama's first state dinner.

His Kitchen & Table restaurants have been popping up all over Norway and Sweden with the Stavanger location opening up this summer.  The food is inspired by casual, fresh New York City dining.  We started with the Pork Tacitos, I had the Steak Frites and Joe, the Halibut.  We shared the apple & cheddar pie which sounds weird but was quite good.  We deemed the restaurant a success.

+I took an unplanned break from most social media this past week.  I turned off notifications, I didn't reply to emails and aside from occasionally perusing Instagram, I kept away from most sharing platforms.  I found myself feeling a little negative towards a few things and stepping back was just what I needed to gain a some perspective.  I'm hoping to keep a bit of distance this week too so if I don't respond to something right away, know that I'm not ignoring you, I'm just trying to work on a better offline balance.

+Thanks for your kind comments & wishes last week when I was recovering from a bad cold/flu.  I'm feeling much, much better now.

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends, family & readers.  Hope you have a lovely day filled with family & food.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! I bet all the fresh air on that gorgeous mountain helped :)

    "I found myself feeling a little negative towards a few things and stepping back was just what I needed to gain a some perspective."

    this happens to me every couple of weeks and I HATE it. stepping back helps for a while, but that negativity always comes back. I think I might need to make a more significant change to the way I blog, because I find that that's what influences how I read other blogs. boh :(

  2. wow! the view is breath-taking. i really feel refreshed after unplug time.

  3. It looks and sounds like you have a great deal to be thankful for this year :) Happy Thanksgiving! I'm excited to celebrate the American one here in Paris somewhat soon.

  4. Happy thanksgiving! That are some amazing pictures from my home country?! Stunning! A bit different from the scenery here in Mumbai..:-) Best to you!

    1. I imagine Mumbai to be very different Eli! I really appreciate the stunning nature we (and you) have in Norway and have to make sure we keep taking advantage of it while we can!

  5. Happy thanksgiving! Great photos! You seem to have the balance right- makes you live in the moment more!

  6. Happy thanksgiving! Wish I was home now to have dinner with the family but my mom isn't having a big one this year. Lately I've been thinking of pairing down on social media. I deleted a few accounts that I don't use and am always thinking of a better offline balance myself. I'm trying to keep up my other hobbies that always seem to fall by the wayside.

  7. Photos are stunning! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. That looks like one fantastic hike!! I have been sick as well last week and still feel a bit under the weather. Taking time off social media is crucial for my sanity :)
    Hope you are feeling better soon, x

  9. what a beautiful route to hike! i wish that we had places like this to go in our hometown back in the states. something i'm going to miss about korea, always beautiful hiking no matter where you go. i hope you have a great thanksgiving! it's hard being away from family, but hopefully you can at least get some pie where you're at ; )

  10. Happy Thanksgiving!!! What gorgeous pictures! It's so nice to disconnect for a while isn't it?

  11. Beautiful photos. I miss the mountains and scenery like that. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Jay! So glad to see your face again in the blogosphere... and glad to hear that you're feeling back to your old self. From time to time I also start to feel negative about social media and blogging and need to take a step back. I think it happens to the best of us :)

  13. Wow, those views are stunning!

  14. I'm roasting chicken for Thanksgiving this year too. In order for me to get a turkey in France, I have to special order it at the Butchers and then it comes with its head and feathers and stuff. No thank you.
    So happy to hear you're feeling better! :)

  15. I'm about to take a 2 week break from the travel blog (alas not from all social media). But I know what you mean about needing to get away sometimes. Gorgeous pics!


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