Friday 5 October 2012

I am thankful that when I come home and turn on the lights, there's always electricity and when I open the faucet, an ever generous flow of clean water is produced and I can drink it straight from the tap.

I am thankful that I can drift off to sleep at night without jolting awake wondering if that sound was someone breaking into our house or smashing our car windows.

I'm thankful for the small smile that drifts across my mouth every time I pass our mailbox and even though it's often empty, there's the possibility of sending and receiving something.

I'm thankful to be living somewhere that kids ride their bikes home from school after receiving a quality education instead of having to spend their time following people to their cars in the grocery store parking lot begging for money.

I'm thankful to have a husband to share these experiences with me.

I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to live and experience life in Gabon because it has taught me to be thankful for things I once took for granted.

We wish a very happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends, family and readers - we hope you have time this weekend to appreciate all that you are thankful for!


  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

    Hope you guys are able to celebrate together in some way :)


  2. this is so lovely - sometimes we need those challenges to really show us what we have! happy Thanksgiving, Jay.

  3. Love this. So happy for you!

  4. Happy Turkey Day! (even though you're in the US!) Hope you had a bit of turkey!!

  5. Happy Turkey Day!!
    p.s. your blog hates me. Tis is my 3rd attempt at leaving a comment.

  6. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you my fellow abroad and newfound blog friend! Such a lovely post.

  7. I agree! Its so important to make a home wherever you are! I would miss Trader Joe's so much.


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