Africa Time

Friday 1 October 2010

Things here run on what we’ve been calling ‘Africa Time.’

When trying to get something done you inquire and ask when they think it will be done and the answer is often, “Maybe tomorrow.”  How do you argue with that?  The problem is tomorrow rolls around and there is no sign of anything being done.  No one calls so the next day you inquire again and you hear, “Maybe tomorrow.”  You wonder if tomorrow will actually be tomorrow and aren’t surprised when it isn’t.

Part of Joe’s job here is setting up the new base.  While Halliburton has been in business here for quite some time, the Wireline division is just being set up.  All equipment had to be shipped in, most coming from Angola.  The equipment arrived in Port Gentil quite awhile ago but had to clear customs.  A few months ago Joe saw one of the guys responsible for getting their things out of customs and asked when they could finally get the stuff.  The answer was, “Oh probably tomorrow.”  That was in June.  The equipment was finally delivered to the base September 24.

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