Wednesday 27 October 2010

One afternoon, while lounging on the beach, we were able to watch some local fisherman lay out there nets.  A boat came in to the bay and dropped off a few men and one end of the net.

(By the way, I loved the little girls hair on the left side of the photo.)

The boat continued on and completed a large arc continuously dropping the net into the water.  It continued on until it reached the shore again, about 150 feet from where they left the men.  Both groups of men then began walking their end of the net in until they met in the middle where they began to strenuously pull the rest of the net ashore.

Eventually, both sides met up and the entire net was pulled to shore with at least 15 fish caught.  The whole process took about 40 minutes.  Afterwards, they packed up, jumped back in the boat and carried on for round 2.

Notice the man closest wearing the black, WINTER jacket?!?!?!  It was at least 30 degrees that day and he was sopping wet as they were in and out of the water.  We found it a bit strange to choose such a wardrobe for fishing but each to their own!


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