A Cooking Lesson

Wednesday 15 August 2012

When I was growing up, my godmother used to make a special dish of what we called 'klub' and it became one of my, and my family's, favourite meals.

This coveted klub came once a year at Christmas and with a small bowl for our family of 5, you had to get in there and eat as much as you could just to ensure a good filling before they vanished.  A few years ago, my godmother passed on the making of this potato-ey goodness to her grown kids and their families thus putting an abrupt stop to our Christmas treat.

Fast forward a couple of years and I find myself living in Gabon researching our future new Scandinavian home.  In my extensive research, I come across this article, bells start ringing, fireworks go off and I can't believe my luck.

Klub is Norwegian!

My favourite Christmas food (aside from toffee tarts) is practically my new home's national dish.  

Another reason I love multicultural Canada!

I kept my eyes peeled for my beloved klub and one day came across a prepackaged grocery store variety.  We were less than impressed so when I arrived home, my godmother graciously offered to teach my Mom & I how to make it.  The recipe is not particularly complicated but there is definitely a method one must learn.

The version I'm familiar with is basically shredded potato and flour mixed together with a piece of ham in the centre and then simmered in ham juice for several hours.  We serve it with butter, salt & pepper.  (Sort of similar to a perogy but much more dense.)

It was just as delicious as I remembered it and maybe, just maybe, I'll attempt to make it on my own one rainy, Norwegian day.


  1. My Grandmother who is German makes the best food ever! I would be excited like you!!!

  2. Certain family recipes just hit the spot! For me it's twice baked potatos, those things are SOOO delicious :)


  3. That is so cool! Just stopping by to say that I nominated you on my blog for the Liebster award. I think you have an awesome blog!

  4. family recipes are the best. i still have to learn a few from my mom. but the ones i have learned get me so excited. so i know how you were feeling :)

  5. That is so interesting! I've never heard of Klub!


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