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Friday 19 October 2012

Certainly, one of the best parts about being an expat is the ability to travel.  Being in Europe, we are just a couple of short flights away from so many countries.  This year, we saved all of Joe's holidays so we'd be able to take a few trips once we got to Norway and now that 2012 is rapidly coming to an end, it's time to explore!

Berlin has been my number one city to visit in Europe for some time now.  I am utterly fascinated by it's history and having read books with Berlin as the backdrop, I can't wait to see the city with my own two eyes.  We will be spending four days here at the beginning of November.

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Prague is at the top of Joe's list of cities to visit.  I think it may have something to do with the beer but I can't be certain.  In any case, we keep hearing amazing things about this city and we'll get to spend five days in the Czech Republic.

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By mid-December, it will have been 18 months since Joe has set foot on Canadian soil and we have a brand new niece to meet, family to visit, and Christmas treats to eat.  After we celebrate Christmas with both of our families, Joe and I hope to take off to spend a quiet New Years together.  We've had a couple of ideas and have pondered a bit of time on the West coast and perhaps Washington state but we haven't settled on anything quite yet.  After 3 weeks in North America, it'll be time to return to Norway.

The next couple of months will have us jet-setting all over the place but we're so happy to be able to explore and travel while we're abroad.  You, dear readers, did such a fantastic job recommending things for us to see and do in Brussels, we'd love your thoughts again.

Do you have any must-dos, must-sees and restaurant recommendations for Berlin or Prague?


  1. The jewish cemetery in Prague was really's actually 11 cemeteries stack on top of each other!! And I love Berlin!! They have delicious Vietnamese food...try Monsieur Vuong and although it might not be open depending on whether, head to Prater biergarten for some good ol' fashioned German food!! Also check out the sub-culture walking's crazy how much street art coincides with Berlin's history ;)

  2. Prague is AMAZING! We had our first visit there back in May and spent 2 days exploring the city. It definitely wasn't enough time! I've got a few posts about things to do and see there on my blog, but the best sights in a nutshell are the Jewish cemetery, the Lennon wall, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, the Prague Pub Crawl and Beer Festival, and the view from Prague castle! Oh and go eat a Trdelnik from the stand in the Old Town Square...SO YUMMY!! Have a blast! :)

  3. I'm curious what books set in Berlin you love. I've got so many great books set in European cities, but I don't think I've read any taking place there.

    Have fun on your travels!

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  5. Ah, so much fun! Berlin is a trip - such a cultural mix you won't believe. And hipster central, really. Just make sure to try currywurst and doner kebap as they were both invented there!

  6. In Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg is lovely. There's a great doner kebap place at Rosenthaler Platz called Rosenthaler Grill und Shlemmerbuffet - it was my husband's favorite place when he lived there and it's still great. Get the spezial mit kase. Just up the street a ways, Oderquelle is a cozy & more traditional German restaurant - quite good.

    The Judisch (jewish) Museum is fantastic - one of the best museums you'll find, particularly since the building was designed by Libeskind and adds to the experience.

    Finally, the Rittersport store just off Gendarmenmarkt is a chocolate lover's dream. You can make your own bar and buy every possible type of Ritter Sport.

    Enjoy your travels

  7. Oh you are going to LOVE Prague Jay! Literally walking out the door for the weekend - but will get back to you with suggestions. Was there earlier this year and absolutely loved it.

  8. And then also you'll be coming down to Italy to see me too right??? Right.

  9. Enjoy your travels. Washington state is amazing - you really can't go wrong spending time there if the opportunity comes up.

  10. These are all on my list of places to travel. I'm actually hoping to move to Alberta in the future. Hopefully the near future.

    Enjoy your travels love. I'm anticipating the photos!


  11. Berlin and Prague have been on my list for ages, can't wait to see them through your eyes :) We'll be going home for Christmas too (for the first time ever!) Would love to see a blog post about how to survive travelling at Christmas (I'm dreading it :)

  12. I can't wait to hear about your experience in Berlin! We were there about a month ago. Make sure to have a doner kabob and currywurst! We didn't love the currywurst, but hey, gotta try it while you're there!

  13. you will love love prague. i don't have many recommendations as i'm always eating at my familys houses but of course just walk around the old town, up to the castle and the bridge and the jewish quarter

  14. oh so very jealous. new[est] follower here. can't wait to keep reading along!

    stop by sometime!

  15. Prague is one of my favorite cities in europe! i actually made this little travel guide recently, which you can download & save onto an iphone or something for quick reference when you're there....

    and if you don't end up checking out that post, at at U Flecku. :)

  16. Be sure to try the dark beer in Prague - John wrote a post about it in his beer series - CR is well-known for pilsners but the dark beer is really underrated.

  17. Berlin...good on you. You'll enjoy! :-))


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