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Wednesday 31 October 2012

In case you missed it:

{Note: As previously mentioned, our company gives us a budget for housing.  It is meant to allow us the same standard of living we would have at home.  In this case, it was substantial and on par.  In Gabon, we struggled to find something acceptable for the budget we were given.}

We were really excited at the prospect of Norwegian housing.  Having looked at hundreds of listings, we knew we'd find something we'd be happy with.  Early on, we decided to focus on apartments.  With it being just the 2 of us, we wanted something manageable and we knew we'd be able to find a really great apartment within our budget.

-*2 bedrooms* (second bedroom must be big enough for a double or sofa bed.)
-*in-suite laundry*
-*furnished* (it didn't need to be perfect but we wanted something that suited our style)
-*close to centre or easy access via public transit*
-outdoor space
-grocery store nearby

{*denotes a deal breaker*}

In our first round of apartment hunting, we found several places that fit the bill but one clearly stood out.  As you know, we hit a bump in the road and figured we had lost the apartment but everything came together in the end and we are so happy to be calling this apartment home!

+ 99 m2 (including terrace)
+ 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
+ underground parking
+ furnished
+ insuite laundry

I really love the layout of the apartment and all of the space is used wisely.  The large windows let in enormous amounts of light and of course, that giant terrace is the icing on the cake.

We're mainly settled in but now the challenge is putting our own touches around the apartment.  We've bought a few things for the terrace but I still have a large box full of pictures and decorative items packed away until we find a bookcase to showcase them.  I'd also love a new rug for the living room (the cowhide isn't my thing.)  We couldn't be happier with our apartment and we really hope to welcome a few visitors from home!


  1. That place looks gorgeous! Congrats! I know how hard it can be to find a place that not only fits your price range but also you style. Looks like you hit the jackpot!

  2. Wow, I freakin' love it! Especially the countertops in the kitchen, their amazing. The whole flat is amazing. Lucky you to call that home :)

  3. your apartment is beautiful! i love the floor-to-ceiling windows! the view is just gorgeous.

  4. Wow! I already liked the first view, but seeing the entire place, it's gorgeous! I totally understand calling this home :-)

    And I could live on that terrace, so gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow it's absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! Congrats!

  6. Wow, it's gorgeous! I would spend all of my time in the room with the large windows, and the mountains in the background are breathtaking!

  7. Oh. Wow. So gorgeous!! I LOVE the kitchen countertops...and that sunroom/terrace! Looks like a lovely place to live! :)

  8. Super jealous, all that white and dark wood. And your terrace! I die.

  9. wow, this is beautiful! I would live there. ;)


  10. this is SOOO beautiful. truly breathtaking

  11. Congrats girl!! Everything looks incredible.

    I also wanted to stop by and let you know I nominated you on my blog for the liebster award that's going around. I love your blog and you don't have to post about it if you don't want to. I just wanted you to know how awesome your blog and posts are. :)

  12. your home looks straight out of Dwell! It is AMAZING and I love love love those kitchen counters...that is something the states need to pick up on, wood kitchen counters! Absolutely stunning!

  13. A beautiful home and wonderfully 'hyggelit'. Enjoy all of your days there (and that view!). *swoon*

  14. i still can't get over the terrace... hahah sorry i've said it a million time. and the kitchen! everything looks perfect! so glad everything worked out for you guys in the end!

  15. AMAZING place!!! What a blessing it is to have a beautiful place with a lot of light!

  16. Amazing house you got!!!
    I started to read your blog, because I am moving to Stavanger and, I am searching for a room and this page appeared.
    very nice to know your adventure!

    Best regards,


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