An Evening with the Ladies

Monday 9 January 2012

Expat housewives are always looking for something to do, particularly, another social event to organise.  We tend to do a ladies night every couple of months which switches up our normal morning cafés and it gives us something to look forward to.  This time, our Japanese friend proposed a dinner at her house and invited the women who walk in the morning.

Generally, we each bring a dish and wine or champagne to drink.  This time I decided to make a cheesecake.  Like, a real one.  I've made a few things that call themselves cheesecake but they're really just dessert with cream cheese in them.  I knew it was a bit ambitious as I'd never made one before and I had heard they were a bit finicky but I felt I needed to make a proper showing.  Many of my housewife friends here are fantastic cooks and they always seem to have something delicious to bring.  I, on the other hand, am new to this housewife stuff and while I can certainly cook, I wouldn't say I'm great at it.  I usually opt to bring an easy appetizer or if I can get away with bringing beer or wine I'm even happier because I'm never very confident about sharing what I make.

I kept my fingers crossed while rounding up the ingredients hoping everything I'd need would be in stock.  It was... but it certainly wasn't cheap.

This cheesecake was going to cost almost $60 to make!

I joked with my friends that it had better work out or we were eating anyway and they would smile and tell me it was fantastic regardless!  Luckily, it was a success!  Aside from a few cracks when cooling (I'll do a water bath next time) it turned out perfectly.

It tasted better than it looks here...

All in all, we had a lovely night and delicious food was brought by all.  I even boosted my baking confidence a bit!

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