Odd Early Morning Wake-up Calls

Monday 30 January 2012

Lately, Joe & I have been getting woken up at 5 am by the football team, the police and/or the army.

All 3 of these groups take morning group runs past my house several times a week.  The running itself is not that disruptive however each group, with up to 50 people, clap, sing & chant along to a whistle as they pass.  You should know that they run incredibly slow.  My normal walking pace is probably quicker than their 'run.'  Actually, it's more like running on the spot and occasionally taking a step forward.  Also in order to keep traffic at bay, whatever traffic there might be at 5 am, there is one whistler at the front of the group and one whistler at the back of the group blowing those whistles with fervor.  And let's not forget the singing - I suppose it could be compared to a military chant although with an African twist.

All of this begins as early as 5 am and often times, one group passes and 10 minutes later comes another group, or the first group turned around and came back - I don't get up to look.  I just wish they'd find a different route.  We're one block from the road along the ocean... wouldn't that be nicer?

I did capture it on video one day but Wordpress is going to make me pay to upload it... sorry.


(PS. Our internet has been touch and go for a couple of weeks now.  Sorry if you've been left waiting for replies or skype chats!)


  1. That sounds annoying. I feel the same about the prayer here. I am such a light sleeper so I hear everything. Our internet has been awful too. Apparently it went out friday night when the riots erupted. We were already sleeping. Happy Monday!

  2. So annoying - mostly because it's at 5 and we usually get up at 6 so very hard to fall back asleep!
    The internet company here uses the excuse that they're upgrading however things never get any better so I'm not sure what they're working on ;)
    Life in Africa...

    (PS. Thanks for the retweet!)

  3. LOL. It seems you are in for rough mornings. If you can't beat them, join them.


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