Le Jardinier

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Joe's company hires us a gardener who comes around every 2 weeks to do the yard.

He drives this...

The weed eater/whipper snipper, rake and machete are strapped to the cross bar.  The small fuel bucket gets tied down to the back and he even carries a large canvas bag filled with all the clippings on the handle bars.  It must not be easy navigating traffic on a bike here not to mention the shady roads he has to travel on to reach everyone's houses.  (I can't imagine in the rainy season when some roads turn into giant pools of waist-high water.)

What is also not easy, nor efficient, is that no one owns a lawn mower here.  We once saw a gardener cutting the grass of an entire football field WITH A WHIPPER SNIPPER.  Can you imagine?


  1. That is crazy! We will have a gardener as well so it will be interesting to see what he comes equipped with! Happy Wednesday!

  2. When we first bought our house we "mowed" our lawn with whipper snipper! Apprently our family thought this was funny enough that they bought us a lawn more for Christmas that year!

  3. The whipper snipper is the preferred lawn mowing instrument in Singapore too! They do our school field every couple of weeks, it takes an entire day.


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