Joseph Kony 2012

Wednesday 7 March 2012

I live in Central Africa and I see a lot of terrible things on a daily basis.  I see people starving, kids begging for money instead of being in school, the mentally ill wandering the streets naked and dirty and I see a lot of money being funneled into pockets instead of to the people who need it most.

Gabon has held a relatively stable history and while there are a lot of injustices, nothing is like what our neighbours face in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sudan and many other nations on this continent.

It's fairly easy to find a lot of things to gripe about here and then every once in awhile, something comes along to remind me it could always be worse.

Today, this video did that.

It's going to require about 30 minutes of your time but I promise you will be inspired.  Watch it, share it and talk about it.  Let's make Joseph Kony famous this year and end his war.


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