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Friday 30 March 2012

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As a blogger, I often look at my stats to see how many people have dropped by my blog.  When I see the numbers, I wonder who are all of these people and where do they come from?

Well Wordpress has answered one of those questions for me.  They've just added this really cool new map to the stats page which shows which countries have had visitors to my blog on that particular day.  It's sort of becoming an addiction for me as each time someone new from someplace new comes a long, another country gets coloured in on the map.

To date (since the end of February when the map appeared), I've had...

visitors from 54 countries.  54!!!  That is so cool.

Some of the most unique include:  Qatar, India, Malta, Togo, Kuwait, Latvia, Jordan, Peru, Belgium, Rwanda, Botswana, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Hungary & Trinidad and Tobago.

I would have thought my biggest audience would be from Canada but the top 10 rankings are as follows:

1. United States
2.  Canada
3.  United Kingdom
4. Gabon
5.  Singapore
6.  Germany
7.  Qatar
8.  India
9.  South Africa
10.  Brazil

(By the way, the USA visits double the Canadian.  I'm disappointed in my countrymen!) 

Anyways, I LOVE this new addition to the stats page.  Bravo Wordpress, Bravo!


  1. Hoorah Malta! I think that's me :)

  2. I think so too :)

    If Gabon shows up on your tracker, it's probably me.

  3. So, if it's automatically emailed to us does that show up on your count?? Just wondering, cuz those of us that love you have it emailed so that we NEVER miss a post;)
    Miss you guys!

  4. No, you are right Auntie Joy. Emails don't show up on the count so I can add on extra for that ;)

    Miss you too - can't wait to meet Cohen!

  5. I bet it doesn't count all of us that have your blog e-mailed to us. I love your blogs and I don't miss any!

  6. [...] am really going to miss that map on WordPress though!  Blogger, if you are reading, get on [...]


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