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Monday 19 March 2012

Did I tell you that Aldo has opened a store in Port Gentil.

Shocking, I know.

I didn't really believe it until I physically checked it out myself.  I figured it might be a fake and they'd be selling second hand shoes but it's actually an exact replica of an Aldo at home.

This is crazy because we literally don't have a single other store or restaurant from home.  Actually, the only thing recognizable is Western Union.  (And perhaps the Casino supermarket if you are from France.)

I made my inaugural purchase today.

It was fairly normal except...

1.  The sizes on the rack are bigger (38 instead of 36),
2.  The shoes are probably close to double the cost, and
3.  I actually had to ask her to ring up my purchase.  She just asked for the money without scanning anything into the computer and wasn't going to give me a receipt.

I still can't quite believe it's here - I mean we hardly have stable water and electricity!

 Either way, I'll take it.  Gives me something to do when Joe's away.


  1. Yay for you, that's so exciting! Were they relatively more expensive compared to the States... it SA is seems like Aldo's prices are a bit steeper. But, even if they are I will admit that it's still great to have them regardless! :)


  2. Much more expensive - but Gabon is super expensive all around. We pay $25 for a head of broccoli that's half rotten!

  3. Just one question; Whats ALDO? :)

  4. Hi Russ,
    Aldo is a Canadian shoe store. Wikipedia tells me it has 1600 stores in 70 countries.


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