Monday 25 June 2012

My beloved pool

A couple of weeks ago Joe's boss phoned to ask when we were leaving.  At first we assumed he was going to try and talk us in to delaying.  Then I thought perhaps he wanted to throw us a party (yah right.)

In actuality, he had already found someone else to live in our apartment.

In the end, it worked out really well for us.  The new family decided to buy all of our furniture thus all we needed to do was pack our air shipment and our suitcases.  Everything else just stayed put in the apartment - it couldn't have been more convenient.

But, it's hard not to feel a bit weird about it all.  Joe & I will leave yet our apartment will stay almost completely intact.  The furniture I found and bought will remain just as I'd left it.  My guards will continue to be employed at the apartment and my ménagère may even stay on.  The 'new woman' has even talked about joining my friends at Thirsty Thursday and book club.  I just can't help but feel replaced.

I suppose it's a reminder that life goes on.


  1. Sigh, I know the feeling. It's weird knowing that someone is going to be sitting on your furniture, cooking in your kitchen and getting to know your friends. But as weird as it is, it is a sign that you're moving on to more exciting things in life and are going to make a new place your own and make lots of new friends in Norway! And you will always have photos and your blog to look back on and remember your time in Gabon!


  2. This is kind of a sad story but honestly think of all the AMAZING...NEW...EXCITING adventures you will be having. And you can always replace someone else at your new book club ;)

  3. Life does go on. Remember that whoever you end up knowing in your next place will have room for you in their lives and you for them. Your life in this place will miss you but it will also be just fine without you.

    I say all of that, but know that I have friends and family all over the place. To this day I actually hate the fact that even though I am sure that they miss me, they don't need me in their day-in-day out.

  4. I know this feeling, but you will leave for a new adventure and the rest will stay the same! Lucky you! :)

  5. there's no way someone can be completely replaced - i am sure you will be missed!

  6. Agreed that that is quite the strange feeling. When I've been back and forth to New York since I moved back to Los Angeles, I find that my friends are all still functioning without me, the coffee guy on the corner is still selling his coffees, whether or not I'm's weird.


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