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Thursday 7 June 2012

A river cruise near Omboué

With all the posts of our travels lately, I haven't really written about regular life in Port Gentil.  

Ugh, it's been busy - so busy!

It seemed when we were working on the move months ago, time crawled by.  Day in and day out it felt like nothing was happening and all we wanted was for 'things' to come together.  In fact, we even tried to push up our move date to June 1 (partly because I wanted to be able to take advantage of all of the 'nice' months in Norway and partly because I was a bit fed up with Gabon.)  

Now - here we are and it's all coming to an end so quickly!  Our move has been shifted up by one week meaning we'll be leaving Gabon for the final time in 15 days.  

15 days.... 

Basically, we're scrambling.  Moving is a lot of work and a transcontinental move is an ENORMOUS amount of work.  We've sold all of our furniture, are in the process of trying to sell my car and we are literally knee deep in paperwork.  This in addition to leaving parties, Joe's regular work and my regular life.  It's exhausting and I've upped my cocktail per night to 2 3 solely as a coping mechanism.

In any case, things are coming together and we're busy trying to relish our last weeks of 40 degree heat, pools, beaches, good friends and cheep booze.


  1. I know how frustrating international moves can be - but in the end it will feel so great once everything is done and finalised and you're in Norway! Good luck, and yes, definitely take a few days to just savour the weather :)


  2. Good luck with all the preparations, just try to be calm and treasure all of Gabon while you have it. I know it hasn't been the easiest journey, but you'll be sure to miss it once your gone.

  3. Chinye - you are so right. As the time to leave comes nearer I feel more and more nostalgic about our time here!

  4. Haha...I've been there but on a much lesser scale so I can only wish you luck! I can totally understand the upping of the cocktails ;)

  5. gosh your move is coming up quick! good luck with everything! moving is a pain in the rear end!

  6. busy bee! thank goodness for cocktails (and lots of other chocolate coping things:-) xoxo

  7. So soon then the Euro adventure can begin! It always happens like that, things creep by and then you turn around and bam it is there. Like others have said relish the time you have left and enjoy.

  8. I just found your blog and I'm fascinated by the path your life is taking. How very exciting and scary. Will be following your blog to see your adventure unfold!


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