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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Outside of Canmore, Alberta, Canada 2007

Moving from Gabon to Norway is a huge change but there are so many things I'm looking forward to.

:: I can't wait to step outside and breathe in fresh, crisp air.  It never dips below 24 degrees C in Gabon and it's always humid so it never really feels that 'fresh.'  (A Venezuelan friend of mine had no idea what I was talking about when I brought this up awhile ago - I suppose if you've only ever lived in a humid climate, you might not understand.)  Also, there is usually a lingering, unpleasant smell hanging amongst the humidity so it's not often that you want to step outside and take a deep breath.  ::

::  I can't wait to take road trips and Sunday drives.  We're sort of stuck in Port Gentil unless we want to pay an exorbitant amount for a flight to Libreville or take a boat out.  I miss a good old road trip or at least being able to drive further than 15 km. ::

::  I'm going to be so happy to be able to get mail again.  We can't really send or receive mail here which means no online shopping, no care packages and no magazines.  Cards and invitations sit at my parents house in Canada until we come home.  Being able to order something in when I need it and getting letters and photos will seem so exciting again. ::

::  I'm going to enjoy not being confined to my house after 6:30 pm especially when Joe is away.  It's just not safe to be out alone here after dark, even if it is just driving from one place to another.  When Joe's away, I'm stuck at home all night, every night.  It'll be nice to get some independence back again.  ::

::  I'm so looking forward to having options of things to do.  Restaurants that serve different types of food, cinemas, shopping, parks, yoga classes, hikes, easy weekend trips are all things we've missed the last couple of years.  ::

::  This might sound silly but I'm really looking forward to a non-summer wardrobe.  Jeans, scarves, boots, cute jackets - yup, can't wait to re-incorporate them into my closet!  (Not to mention not having to plan my outfit around how much I'm going to sweat and if my clothes will show it!)  ::

:: I'm really going to appreciate the modern day conveniences again - stable electricity, consistent running water with ample pressure, safe drinking water & not having to fill pots with bottled water any more, recycling and fast internet are all things I'm looking forward to.  ::

This list gets me so excited for the upcoming move!  Bring on Norway!


  1. So many things to look forward too! We also have a policy of trying to stay close to home after dark in Jo'burg - I hate it! Can't wait to read all about your new adventures :)


  2. LOL Nice post! Made me laugh when I read "I'm going to be so happy to be able to get mail again.". Make you show how much the simple things make a difference!

  3. @Tony - the little things really do make a difference!

  4. I'm originally from Toronto and every winter in Toronto I beg for the summer but then when it comes it ends up being 35 degrees with humidity and I beg for the winter...but with all the cold weather here in France, I would love that humidity.

  5. Wow, looking for info on a trip to Port Gentil I stumbeled onto your blog and realized you are part of the Halliburton family. I too am an employee of the Big Red. Halliburton house wives dont get near the credit they deserve( I know mine doesn't). Keep up the good work

  6. The non-summer wardrobe thing...I totally get that! Going from Ottawa to Brisbane, Australia was a massive change. I've been here 6 yrs and miss cold weather occasionally. Even though I've adapted and now find 20 degrees chilly, I miss rugging up in jeans, coats, scarves, mitts, and definitely cute boots! Enjoy the change!

  7. I have a friend who lives in Norway!!

    Sounds like another part of an exciting adventure (:

  8. Just reading this list makes me adventure like Gabon sounds like...well, just that- an adventure. But those inconveniences for 2 years sounds rough when you know what first world conveniences feel like.


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