Tuesday 10 July 2012

When we left Gabon, we flew to Aberdeen.  Joe was enrolled in a workshop and it was on the way, so it made sense for me to join him.

Aberdeen is a small city on the East coast of Scotland and is nicknamed "The Granite City" or "The Grey City" and it certainly is very grey.  We were excited to be moving and to be out of Africa so even the rain didn't dampen our spirits.  (And it rained a lot!)

Unfortunately, Joe wasn't on holiday and was occupied from 8-5 so we didn't get to tour castles or find the Loch Ness monster but we did do what any person does after having just left the third world: we ate a lot of food in nice restaurants, drank many a beer in pubs, saw a movie, shopped, I had my hair done for the first time in a year and I'm certain I consumed my weight in Starbucks.


  1. Looks beautiful! Sometimes those grey skies actually contribute to that cozy English countryside feel, although it would probably get kind of old if you had to live in that weather permanently :) Sounds like a lovely stop over - I would also have indulged in my fair share of Starbucks :)


  2. am surpirsed it didn't make you want to jump back on a plane and head back to Gabon! Only joking-there are some great taps bars in Aberdeen...hmm-what else...

  3. I'm a relatively new follower of your blog. Aberdeen looks beautiful, and I agree with the above comment that the grey skies definitely give your photos that quintessentially British feel!

  4. I like Aberdeen, although it's not my favorite Scottish city (Inverness!). The area's beautiful, though, so if you are able to get over there for a holiday, do! I'm absolutely obsessed with Scotland, and we're plotting and planning our future to be able to live there someday. Glad you enjoyed your return to the first world!

  5. Gorgeous pictures... ahhh, can't wait to travel!

  6. I'm from Aberdeen, the city is probably the least picturesque part of the area (it's nice on the odd sunny day when the granite sparkles!) and there is some lovely architecture. If you head out west along royal deeside (where I'm from) there is a beautiful old railway line where you can ride bikes out towards balmoral castle along the river although it's 40 miles!

  7. Amy - We had so hoped to have some time to venture out on the castle trail but alas, Joe was busy learning. Hopefully next time!

  8. I think warms pubs and coffeehouses are so popular in the UK because of how much it rains. So glad you had a wonderful time. If you ever have the chance to return, taking a boat tour in search of Nessie is never overrated.

  9. i want to go there! my friend is from there :)

  10. Lovely photos, Jay! Making me homesick for the UK now :)

  11. Looks awesome! I'm heading to Scotland in September, and this post just made me pretty excited (yes, with the rain and everything!).

    Love your blog. Just found it and can't wait to follow along with your adventures :)



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