Week One

Friday 6 July 2012

We've been in Stavanger for just about 1 week and my goodness, things have happened quickly.

:: Joe started his new job and has been learning the ins and outs of the base here as well as trying to get a hold on the working culture of Norway. ::

::We also found out that Joe's work permit has been approved thus he is able to stay in the country as a resident for 2 years (afterwards, we reapply.)  This means I need to start my application. ::

:: I've spent a lot of time touring grocery stores and figuring out what everything is and what is available here.  While almost everyone speaks English, everything written is in Norwegian and I have no knowledge of it yet. ::

:: Stavanger Sentrum is great - bars, restaurants, shops, and just about everything one would want.  Cruise ships have been pulling in daily bringing tourists and the area is bustling. ::

:: We are in awe of the outdoor life here.  The city is made for walking & biking and we've been exploring the paths all week and it feels so good to finally get out and enjoy the fresh air again! ::

:: The househunt has started and might potentially end this weekend.  We have seen 4 great apartments all with advantages and disadvantages.  I think we've narrowed it down to two - one stunning apartment with fantastic views in a new area right on the water or another, less impressive on first glance but bigger and closer to town.  ::

:: We spent one full day in an orientation session provided by the Chamber of Commerce and learnt so much about Norway, Norwegian culture & Stavanger.  I've also been recruited to do some information sessions for people moving to Canada as expats beginning the middle of next week so I'll be busy preparing information. ::

It has been a really terrific first week and we're feeling re-energized and excited about life in Norway.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

(By the way, today I'm also blogging over at Second Floor Living talking about my favorite local haunts in Port Gentil.  Check it out here if you are interested!)


  1. So glad you're loving it so far! It looks gorgeous :) And... exciting about being a rep for Canada! You should share what you find on the blog :)


  2. You should post many, many pictures!! I have been wanting to go to Norway for so long :) Sounds beautiful!

  3. When I worked for Disney I had several roommates from Norway. They were always the loveliest of people. Hope you are settling in well! And I agree- lots of pictures please!

  4. Laura Elaine & Katie --- I'll work on the pictures ;)

  5. yaay for great first weeks!! i think i would be most excited about fresh air too!

  6. I just found your blog from "Second floor living" and am beyond impressed with your traveling! I am dying to know how you get to travel so much! I am heading to europe in three weeks, not norway, but Czech and Austria! Have a wonderful day!

  7. I was just about to ask about the language barrier. Glad to see everyone speaks English! But when they do speak to their own people, they switch to their own language right?

    You'll probably pick up on it quite fast...


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