Well, I'm home...

Wednesday 25 July 2012

In Canada that is.

Osoyoos, British Columbia - July 2011

I had always planned to come home once we had things sorted out in Norway.  (It's been a year since I've seen my family and my passport is out of pages.)  Then everything went up in the air and I tried to wait it out for a final decision but I don't know when that's coming.  Two weeks later and we aren't any more certain as to where we'll be living - frustrating.  So I've escaped to Canada for 2 weeks.

While I'm home I plan to...

:: Get a new passport.
:: Visit with my family & a few friends.
:: Stay put - I'm not traveling around the country like a crazy person this time.
:: Drink an obscene amount of caesars.
:: Play with my niece and make sure she realises I am a real person - not just someone who's on the computer.
:: Indulge in all of those homefoods I've been missing.
:: Shop!

And in 2 weeks when I head back to Norway, I hope there will be some sort of resolution so we can set up our life out of West Africa!


  1. Have fun at home! I haven't been home for over 2 1/2 years so I can just imagine how much you are loving being home!


  2. Where is osoyoos? Is it near the okanagan? Sounds like a good escape though! I ran out of pages in my passport in cambodia and I nearly had a heart attack!

  3. Have fun at homie home! Did you go home alone or did your hubby go with too?

    And you STILL haven't heard word on what's going on? That's just crazy talk.

  4. great enjoy! going home is always like that-jobs iike going to the dentist etc etc!

  5. Enjoy your time at home! I hope there's some resolution for you when you get back, too. Uncertainty can be so stressful.

    Also, I have no idea what caesars are but I definitely think you should drink as many as you can. :)

  6. have so much fun at home!! my goal is to fill my passport pages! i still have a ways to go especially since they don't stamp it while traveling around the EU

  7. I hope you are enjoying your time back home! We just had two weeks stateside, but it is never long enough :(


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