Our Wedding: The Attire

Wednesday 18 July 2012

When we began planning our wedding, we knew we'd only be home one time before the big day... yes, ONE time.  In that trip, I needed to find a dress, Joe needed a suit and we needed to order our wedding rings - none of those things could be done from Gabon.

The Bride

I wasn't one of those brides who knew exactly what I wanted to wear.  I thought I wanted something with lace and something fitted and I was fairly certain that I didn't want anything too 'princess-y' however, I was willing to try anything.

I pre-booked appointments at 2 small boutiques in our 'wedding city' and I was a little anxious because I knew I really only had one day to try to find THE dress.  Luckily, it was fairly easy for me.  

I loved the lace detail, the little belt and surprisingly, the bit of sparkle.  

Because of the detail on the top, I chose to pair it with only earrings.

And the shoes --- I love my shoes.

It was almost like they chose me.  Again, I was strapped for time.  I landed in Canada after 5 months in Gabon with a fitting the very next day.  I made one stop at Holt Renfrew and these shoes practically jumped off the shelf into my hands.  When the sales lady told me that for that one day they were 40% off, the deal was sealed and I walked away with a fabulous pair of Jimmy Choos.

The Groom

Joe was fairly laid back about his attire (surprise, surprise!)

He wore a fitted, black Hugo Boss suit with a white shirt and a white tie and I think he looked pretty handsome.

The Wedding Party

I had one maid of honour and Joe had one best man so it was fairly easy dressing them.  A black suit, white shirt & black tie took care of Kellen and Ras and I chose a short, flowing dress in beige to fit with the neutral colours throughout the wedding.

Everything came together seamlessly when it came to our attire, especially being that we were so pressed for time, and I wouldn't change one thing.

Later in the week, I'll share a closer look at the venue, decor & special details included in our wedding.

Did you miss Monday's post with the run-down of our wedding day?

Check back here to catch up!


  1. Those shoes....oh I lust for them! What fate they were on sale that day-they were meant for you! For my 30th birthday this year I treated myself to a pair of classic gorgeous black leather Jimmy Choo pumps and love them! What size shoe are you? Maybe we can work out a loan system hahahaha j/k.
    Your dress was absolutely beautiful as well! Excellent choices!

  2. usually i don't like dress with too many beads or so. but yours is definitely beautiful!

  3. wow your dress was gorgeous! I just love lace dresses. The shoes had the perfect heel too! were they comfortable?

  4. Oh man, if I had a pair of Jimmy Choo's I'm pretty sure I'd never remove them from my feet!!

  5. You look amazing and I just adore your shoes, they look just perfect under your dress!

  6. Your dress is so beautiful! And I love those shoes (but really, who wouldn't?).

    So glad you found your dress in time! You were really a beautiful bride.



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