One Year

Monday 16 July 2012

One year ago today, Joe and I were married (again) in front of our closest friends and family and it was without a doubt, the best day of our lives.  

In honour of our anniversary, I thought I'd share our wedding with you this week.  (I can't believe I haven't done that yet!)


For those of you who are new around here, you may not know that Joe and I were actually married in Gabon.  (You can read about it here.)  When we did it, we assumed it wouldn't actually be legal anywhere outside of Gabon when in fact, it was.  While that wedding was certainly memorable, it wasn't exactly what we pictured and we knew that we wanted to be able to share the day with our friends and family.

Planning a wedding is hard and planning one from Africa, with a terrible internet connection and a 7 hour time difference, was bound to be impossible.  The first thing I did was contact Jennifer Bergman Weddings, we set up a skype date and the rest was history.  Jennifer was amazing and hiring her was the best decision I've ever made.  Because I wasn't working, I had tons of time to peruse wedding blogs and compile ideas to send to Jennifer and she basically made it all happen.

Joe & I really wanted the wedding to reflect us: our tastes, our personalities and our relationship and we weren't afraid to bend tradition.  Our must haves were:

**When Joe and I began talking about our wedding years before, we had always talked about having in a restaurant - somewhere that had it's own atmosphere, somewhere that we didn't have to 'fill.'**

**We wanted to keep our wedding small.  Both of us feel more comfortable in small, intimate groups and we knew we wouldn't feel any different at our wedding.  Of course, we wanted those closest to us present and in the end, we had 85 guests.**

**We wanted our guests to have the easiest weekend possible.  Having the ceremony head directly into the reception to avoid downtime, booking hotels within walking distance of our venue, great entertainment, delicious food and an open bar were all very important to us.**

**While we respect tradition, we didn't feel the need to stick with things if they didn't make sense for us.  We eliminated the cake (we'd rather have apple crisp,) we didn't want a ton of speeches nor a traditional MC and we wanted to keep the wedding party small (we both know how much work it is to be in a wedding party and we wanted our friends to be able to show up and enjoy themselves without having to do a ton of work.)**

With that in mind, our Canadian wedding day went like this:

We started with a first look...

Did our portraits and family photos

And then the ceremony

And directly into a champagne reception and cocktail hour while the room was prepared for dinner

And finally, dinner, a couple of speeches and the party!

We had the most amazing dueling pianists who completely 'made' the party!

Joe and I had the time of our lives and when we stumbled home at 4 in the morning, we were so happy with how everything went.  It was most definitely the best day of our lives.

Later in the week, I'll get into the details but today...

I want to wish my husband a very happy first anniversary (for the second time - how lucky am I to celebrate 2 wedding anniversaries every year!)  I love the life that we're creating together and I'm so proud to call you my husband!


  1. How beautiful! I'm starting to plan my wedding at the moment and I definitely think small and intimate is what we want to go for. I love the idea of a wedding apple crisp!

  2. What a fantastic wedding! Love the venue, and your dress was gorgeous! -Jenna

  3. Your dress and hair were gorgeous!! I love that photo of what I am assuming is you and your dad dancing. Beautiful looking wedding!

  4. Girl, we see eye to eye on weddings! Both of yours were gorgeous. I thought maybe having two weddings would make one feel fake (we're toying with the idea) but the idea of having two anniversaries is kind of neat :)

    I agree on bending tradition. I don't think we'll have a wedding party, or MC, or many speeches, or a cake either! I've never met another couple who didn't have those things, so thanks for making me feel less weird :)

  5. You two did it up right! Way to make the day your own. Happy anniversary!

  6. Sooo beautiful! Love your dress. And I'm with you. If I ever get married, I want something small, low-key, and intimate! Awesome pictures :) Happy 1 year anniversary!

  7. You look beautiful! What a lovely, intimate celebration of your love for each other :) Congratulations! (And I love the idea of having two anniversaries - another great bend in tradition! :))

  8. I love the picture of you and your dad touching noses. Makes me wanna cry!


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